About Us

  We are 3 families with a passion for hospitality and for the amazing beauty of the Northern Vancouver Island region. Each family brings a diverse background and unique set of talents to our collective including remote wilderness resort operations, construction and sales & marketing. We share a deep bond of friendship  and respect with each other, a strong commitment to the guest experience and a belief in Kaizen, or constant improvement. We have an unwavering commitment to creating a lasting legacy here at Alder Bay.  We will always cherish, and be honoured to host, our multi-generation camping families that have been so faithful to Alder Bay for the last 30 years. And we have a vision for the future, to create a diverse community of dedicated seasonal RVers, short term vacation rental guests in our Park Model village and year round residents in our coming Orca Views residential phase. Our legacy to Northern Vancouver Island will be an iconic destination that celebrates the unique beauty of our region and is looked upon as a role model for a new type of resort community made up of people with passion, curiosity and a love and respect for nature and the great outdoors. 

park Managers and Co-owners - justin & Samara Glendale

Justin and Samara Glendale and their children are the backbone of daily operations at Alder Bay. With a tireless work ethic, a passion for place and a commitment to running a 'tight ship', they are the daily face of our Park. The whole family is involved in the Park operations in some way. Justin is a member of the Da'naxda'xw First Nation whose tribal village is called Tsatsinukwomis and is located about 25 minutes by boat from Alder Bay. He has fond memories of departing regularly from Alder Bay and travelling to his village with his Dad as a young boy and so his roots run deep here.

BROCKWAY & mCgrady families

 As co-owners, we mostly try to stay out of the way and let Justin and Samara run the Park. We are two families both with a long and varied history of living and working in and around Northern Vancouver Island. We all have a passion for this region! The McGrady family is Tim, Kelli, Connor and Kai and the Brockways are Ryne and Rebecca and their adult kids. The McGradys, who reside in Comox, and Brockways, who reside in Spokane, together also own and operate Farewell Harbour Lodge not far from Alder Bay. 


Tim works closely with our Park Managers, Justin and Samara, to ensure our team does our very best to provide a high quality experience for our valued guests.  Tim spends his summers as General Manager of Farewell Harbour Lodge and winters in Comox with his family where he logs as much time as he can at Mt Washington Alpine Resort. Contact Tim at tim@alderbay.com


Marc is the newest addition to our team, coming on-board as our Business Services Manager which is really a catch all term for doing whatever needs doing behind the scenes to help things run as smoothly as possible. Marc has been instrumental in helping us pull together the many strands of our Phase 1 Park Model development and coordinating with owners and residents in that phase. With his strategic vision and attention to detail he is assisting in the development of our Phase 2 Residential Orca Views plans - coming soon! Marc lives with his wife and 2 children in Comox but also happens to be a Park Model owner here at Alder Bay as well. When not working, Marc likes to spend time with his family in nature and on some weekend nights you might find him working a gig as a professional DJ at an Island dance party!