Whale Watching


Alder Bay RV Park & Marina, in partnership with Seasmoke Whale Watching, offers whale watching excursions departing daily from Alder Bay between June 15th and September 23rd. This area has some of the most incredible viewing opportunities for both orca and humpback whales right at our doorstep.

Led by passionate, knowledgeable and very experienced guides, your 3-hour excursion will depart Alder Bay at either 8am or 12pm aboard our covered vessel and head out into the famed waters of Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound in search of orca, humpback whales, minke whales, sea otters, Steller’s sea lions, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Dall's porpoises and a variety of other marine wildlife. Because we are located in close proximity to prime feeding areas, we spend more time viewing wildlife and less time travelling to find them. When orcas are present, and if conditions allow, we will deploy our hydrophone to listen in on whale vocalizations!

Our smaller vessel allows us to explore the islands and passageways giving you a closer look at the scenery and the connection between the land and the sea. While viewing wildlife, you can stand up and walk around the vessel, giving you plenty of space for photography and experiencing all this place has to offer. With a maximum of only 11 guests, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with your guide and learn more about the wildlife and the area, and you might even make some new friends!

Humpback whales begin to return to our area in May from their calving and mating ground in Hawaii and Mexico and stay in our waters until late October. Sightings are very common and we will often see multiple individuals feeding, travelling, and resting during the course of your tour.

We have two eco-types of orcas, or killer whales, in our waters. Northern Residents (fish eaters) return each year early to mid-July and often stay into September, during which time they are feasting on returning Chinook salmon. Biggs, or Transient orcas (mammal eaters), can be found here any time throughout the year. They feed on the abundant seals, sea lions, dolphins and porpoises that reside in our area.

Sea otters, minke whales, sea lions, seals, dolphins, and porpoises, along with many species of birds, are found throughout the season and the area.

Daily Departures between June 15th and September 23rd
Cost: $139/adult(13+) + taxes and fees and $109/children (4-12) + taxes and fees
Departs Alder Bay at 8am, 12pm daily
Each departure is approximately 3 hours in length

  • Floatation suits to keep you warm and dry
  • Transport Canada Marine Safety certified vessel and crew
  • Local conservation fee (North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association)
  • Toilet on board
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